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About Us

We are four kindred spirits, who, inspired by a little crêperie on the Còte d’Azure started to dream of sweet and savory delights. Visions of such a bijou in San Diego occupied our conversations over many a glass of wine. The realization came: it is our mission to open our own crêperie.

But just to serve delicacies would not be enough. We yearned for that other place and that other time. Our venture lead us to a charming place in the East Village, full of stories yet to tell and so close to our Cafe Chloe.

And we created a little heaven a sojourn for romantics, lovers, poets and gourmets. This is our little Minou, where we invite you to taste, to muse, to dream, to linger.

a little heaven, a sojourn for
romantic, lovers, poets and gourmet


Enjoy your next private event in Minou’s intimate, charming setting. Contact Tammy

private events

Enjoy your next private event in Minou's intimate, charming setting. Contact Tammy

721 8th Avenue, San Diego, California 92101, USA

619 934 7261